Harrow Catenians raise over £1,200 for Charles’ charity

CharlkesWithChequeBrother Charles visited the Harrow Catenians on the night of 15th June to pick up a large cheque for a charity that he volunteers for. ‘Mary’s Meals’ feeds over a million children every day in their place of education. He was made doubly welcome as an ambassador for them and as a Catenian brother. The warmth of the welcome was outstanding. CM

“Enjoying ourselves too much!”

Durham_Millburngate_BridgeBalham Brothers have been to a number of events during May, but in the words of Noel Brownsell “we were enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to take any photographs!”.

Noel and Anne Brownsell, Brian and Valerie Taylor, William Gallegher and Terry & Lucille Brown all attended the Durham Conference (May 15-17). While we all went to different events and stayed in different hotels, we did all get together for the conference itself, which we agreed was most interesting. Continue reading “Enjoying ourselves too much!”