group view of Balham Catenians
A general view of a typical Balham Circle meeting

Balham, Circle 350, was inaugurated January 29, 2008 and is within Province 19

If you are new to The Catenian Association then it might help to know that Balham is one of a number of local groups of Catholic gentlemen that are referred to as ‘circles’. The origin of this word arose when the Association was starting, early last century. The idea of likening each member to a link in a chain was suggested. The strength of the chain relies on the support that each link gives to its neighbouring links and so the title of the Association arose from the Latin word for chain, which is “catena”. The links in the chain form a circle and the symbolism continues so that the friendships that we create when we become Catenians are very strong indeed. We take great delight when our members or their families have good news to share but we are also very keen to support members who experience misfortune in their lives and we endeavour to support each other as far as we can through prayer and physical help. Balham brothers are proud that Balham Circle exemplifies this ethos.

Balham Circle meets every month and details of timing and venue may be found here.



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