Province 19 Catenian Website The official website of Province 19

Diocese of Southwark  The official website of the Diocese of Southwark

The Holy Ghost RC Church, Nightingale Sq, London SW12 8QJ, T 020 8355 0211, 020 8355 0212

St. Anselm’s R.C. Church, 9 Tooting Bec Road, London, SW17 8BS, T 020 8672 2179

St Boniface RC Church, 185 Mitcham Road, Tooting, London, SW17 9P, T 020 8672 2345

St Vincent De Paul RC Church, 36 Altenburg Gardens, London, SW11 1JJ

St Mary’s RC Church, Clapham, 8 Clapham Park Road, London SW4 7AP, T 020 7498 3005

Saint Bede’s RC Church, 58 Thornton Rd, Clapham Park, London SW12 OLF,T 020 8674 3704

St Thomas a Becket RC Church, Santos Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 1NT, T 020 8874 1818

St Mary Magdalen’s RC Church, 96 Northside, Wandsworth Common, East Hill, London SW18 2QU, T 020 8874 2724

Corpus Christi RC Church, 11 Trent Rd, Brixton, London SW2 5BJ, T 020 7274 4625

Wimbledon Circle Provincial Events List

The VaticanWebsite

The website of the Catenian Association

Westminster Cathedral

The Catholic Church: Bishops Conference of England & Wales

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