Balham President, Noel Brownsell

Welcome to the Home Page of the Balham Catenian Circle. We hope that you will find the content to be of interest and that it will give you an idea of what we get up to and what we are about.

You can view current news here and also learn more about our circle.  Future events and details of our current venue are included in the events pages. Our photo gallery (see the right-hand column) will give you some snapshots of the circle’s activities.

We enjoy regular social events and are constantly looking for new and interesting activities for our wives, partners and families. The strap line for our Association is “Strengthening Family Life through Friendship and Faith”. All of these elements are important but that doesn’t mean that single Catholic gentlemen are excluded. On the contrary. ALL Catholic gentlemen are welcome.

Although we are called Balham Circle we offer fraternal friendship to gentlemen from all of the parishes in the surrounding area. These include The Church of The Holy Ghost (Balham) St Marys (Clapham) St Anselms (Tooting Bec) St Vincent de Paul (South Battersea) St Boniface (Tooting) St Bedes (Clapham Park) Holy Cross (Parsons Green), St Thomas a Beckett (West Hill Wandsworth), St Mary Magdalen (East Hill Wandsworth) and St Bartholomew (Norbury).

Our president, Noel Brownsell, comments “I joined the Catenians twenty years ago and I am incredibly proud to be the current president of Balham Circle. I am looking forward to a vintage year with all of my circle friends and their families.”

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Balham is a small but growing circle that meets and dines regularly. There is always a welcome for visiting brothers and you can check out the details of our next meeting on the events page. If you are new to the Catenians and want to know more about the association or you are interested in joining us, there is more information on the about pages. Please check out the top menu for other features of the website.



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