Frequently Asked Questions about the Catenians

1 What do Catenians do?

They provide a social network which helps Catholic lay men live out their various vocations as husband, father, friend, work colleague, committed Christian and active Catholic.

2 How is this help offered?

lt is offered to members (and their families) through both practical and spiritual support; by steadfast friendship in times of trouble; by offering financial help when needed and through prayer. This support continues with ongoing concern for a deceased member’s widow and dependants.

3 On what is this support based?

This support is based on deep and lasting friendships, which are uniquely built upon the firm foundation of a shared faith.

4 How is this friendship developed?

This friendship is developed by members meeting monthly in their local Circle or Group for a formal meeting, followed by the sharing of a meal or other refreshments, and by providing a varied social programme in which wives and families are fully involved. All members are entitled to visit any Catenian meeting anywhere in the world.

5 ls the Catenian Association a new organisation?

No, it was founded in Manchester in l908 at the instigation of Louis Casartelli, Bishop of Salford. He had previously called in a pastoral letter for the Catholic laity of the day to use their various talents to take a leading role in all aspects of society. Catenians still aspire to this vision. There are over 10,000 members attached to over 300 Circles and Groups in Africa, Australia, lreland, Malta and the UK with active plans for further international development.

6 Is it still relevant today?

The Catenian Association is especially relevant in today’s frantic, competitive and secular environment. lt offers an oasis of calm where social, physical and spiritual refreshment can be enjoyed to redress the work/life balance for all the family.

7 ls the Catenian Association dedicated to Catholic action?

No, but most of its members are active Catholics who, because of their beliefs and values, play a proactive role within their families, parishes and the wider communities in which they live and work.

8 Do Catenians do anything for other people?

Yes. Catenians help young Catholics (especially through its Bursary Fund): working and praying actively for vocations to the priesthood and religious life; raising money for a wide variety of charities and actively promoting the Christian viewpoint on moral issues in an increasingly secular society.

9 Who can join?

Membership is open to practising Catholic laymen (and Permanent Deacons) of 21 years and over who, having had the opportunity to explore and experience the Catenian ethos. wish to apply to join the Association. Both the benefits and the commitments of membership are fully explored before a formal membership application is made.

There are no limitations based on occupation, income or race. Wives of members are not required to be Catholic: many are not and enjoy Catenian life to the full.

10 How can one join?

Talk to an existing Catenian from the Balham Circle whom you may know or make contact through this website. Alternatively you may visit the Catenian website, or contact the address below. Invitations are extended to attend a number of Circle or Group meetings and social events (with wives and/or family when appropriate). Then, if after experiencing Catenian fellowship, there is a desire to commit to membership, formal application is made to a local Circle or Group of the candidate’s choosing. If you live in or near the Balham area we would be delighted to welcome you to our circle.

The Catenian Association, 2nd Floor, 1 Copthall House, Station Square, Coventry CVl 2F T 024 7622 4533 



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