Balham Circle website goes live


IMG_2382The Balham Catenians Circle website is live! Council agreed to its launch on Monday, November 11.  An email has gone out to all Balham brothers with a link to the site and this post is intended to help both Brothers and interested Gentlemen find their way around the site.

You will notice that the site has been launched on “WordPress”. This means that it follows certain WordPress conventions, but It also means that the site is very easy to maintain at little cost and thus keep up-to-date.

You can get to the various pages on the website by clicking or tapping the main menu items.  An advantage of WordPress is that it reconfigures to suit your smart phone, tablet or computer depending on what you’re using, so the menu may look different on different devices. You will find that there are also some submenus  which are equally clickable. We have kept the site simple and so you should quickly find your way around.

It would be good if you could take time to look at the various pages and let us have some feedback on what you find. Particularly if you find inaccuracies or would like to see more information let us know.  Even better, if you have ideas or any material that you would like to see posted, especially pictures and news items, please forward them to Terry Brown.

For instance do you think the header image is appropriate or that there might be a more suitable image to represent the Balham Circle? Would you like to see other material posted. It would be good to keep the simple structure and ease of operation so probably best not to be too ambitious, but there’s always room for improvement!

While most of the pages are publically accessible some are protected by password. In particular the details of members are only included on password protected pages. Nevertheless if you feel you would rather your personal details were not included here (the information has been taken from the Catenians Association, Providence 19 directory, so is already effectively in the public realm) then that is your prerogative and we will remove any personal details on your instruction.

You will find that the WordPress format allows you to submit comments on all pages and posts and all comments can be vetted by the Webmaster before they are allowed to go public. WordPress also has built-in filters to minimise the risk of spam. Please feel free to experiment with adding comments to posts and pages, or by sending them through the contact page or separately emailing them directly to Terry Brown.

Finally at the top right of any page you should find a ‘follow’ button. If you click/tap this you will be given the opportunity to submit an email so that you are notified of any new posts. this will be especially useful if you wish to be kept abreast of forthcoming events and important Circle news items.

Happy surfing!

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