Balham August Circle meeting prompts lively debate with visiting Brothers



Falling, as it does, in the middle of the holiday period and moved from the fourth Monday, the Balham Circle August meeting engendered a lower than normal attendance. Nevertheless it proved, after dinner, to be the occasion for a spirited debate about environmental issues. In his welcome to visiting brothers from Woking, Brother Terry had referred to the town’s reputation for adopting green energy technologies. Later, not being one to avoid controversy, Brother Noel (not in the photograph, because he took it!) raised the issue of Fracking. This ‘pebble in the pond’ fuelled a spirited debate with many shades of opinion being passionately expressed about green energy, energy security and climate change. Woking Brothers Michael Hayes (President) and Mark Potter (Provincial Councillor) fully engaged with the Balham Brothers and added strongly held views to the debate. The consensus at the end of the evening seemed to be that it had been a very convivial and enjoyable evening to which the lively discussion had added some further depth. TGB 

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