Balham Circle raises cash for Kenyan student


picture of young Kenyan
Patrick Macheira

During dinner at our circle meeting on 19th May, a raffle was held for the benefit of Patrick Macheira. This was our Ladies’ night (see News May 19, 2014) and there were a number of visitors. Some brothers kindly donated some excellent bottles and a total of £130 was raised which is enough money to keep this young man going for 3 months.

Patrick is an exceptional young man who is achieving excellent exam grades at the Catholic
university in Kenya. Because he is so gifted the university have waived his fees, but he needs
money to live on. His personal circumstances are tragic in that both his parents have died
from aids and all his sisters have been married off.
picture of very simple rustic dwelling
Patrick Macheira’s home in Kenya
We were happy, as a circle, to be able to support him.   CM

One thought on “Balham Circle raises cash for Kenyan student

  1. Terry – this is a very interesting entry. Several visitors on the evening mentioned how good it was to support an individual who one could relate to on a personal level. Very best wishes
    Bro Charles

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