Balham Brothers & families enjoy the September sunshine

IMG_0379It was a real delight to have glorious late September sunshine on Sunday September 29 as Balham Brothers celebrated President’s Sunday with wives and children. The parish sunday Mass at St Thomas a Becket Church was dedicated to the Catenian Association and attended by Balham Circle members as a group. The readings were by St Thomas’ parishioners Bill Gallagher and Terry Brown and Steve Palmer sang the Psalm. After Mass, Charles Marriott gave an introductory talk about the Catenian Association and leaflets were handed out by Charles and Noel Brownsell in the hope that we may find new Brothers.  Bill Gallagher conducted a short historical tour of the church.

After Mass and the tour, Brothers made their way to Terry & Lucille’s house for drinks and a buffet lunch. We were treated to scrumptious hot and cold snacks prepared by Carol Jones. As the weather was so good the main event took place in the garden at West Hill Road, which no doubt added to the relaxed atmosphere of the event. More pictures are included in the news page and gallery.

people in a church setting
Balham Catenians on Bill Gallagha’s tour of St Thomas a Becket church
people in a garden
Anne Brownsell, Brendan Williams, Liam Lyons, Lucille Brown & Charles Marriott
people in a garden
Noel Brownsell, Richard Pyatt & Matt Benedict
people at a french window
David Prebble & Patrick Neal
people in a garden
Bill Gallagher, Brian Towler & Brendan Williams
people in a garden
Noel Brownsell serves Liam Lyons a drink. Lucille Brown chat to Charles Marriott
people in a garden
Matthew & Lucinda D’Sousa with daughters, Brian Towler and Marianne Marriott

2 thoughts on “Balham Brothers & families enjoy the September sunshine

  1. A lovely day Brother Terry. When are we all going to raise some money for the President’s charity. Our wallets are primed!

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