An intrepid bunch of Catenian bon-vivants sample Olympia’s beer

Group2‘Once more unto the breech’ headed an intrepid band of Catenian brothers from Balham and Croydon Circles and friends on August 13 into the lofty portals of the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Kensington, to share good fellowship, witty repartee (at its best earlier in the evening) and to sample some (many?) of the fine English, Welsh and Scottish bitters and ales proffered at the Great British Beer Festival. This has become an annual pilgrimage that we brothers and friends make each year. Of course we do this in the spirit of true adventure, dedication and discernment!

We try and find a range of ales that we can all share and enjoy, thus nobly helping to support so many small businesses around the country! Well, that’s the idea anyway . . .
What really happens is that a good number of us gather to spend a fun (and Glass) filled evening at this now 30-odd year old festival, dedicated to great British beer. We go to savour old favourites and find new brews to sample. As a group, we usually each buy at least a half of a different chosen brew and then share this with each other, allowing all to sample a great range of tastes, styles and flavours during the evening without getting entirely blotto and allowing us to find a favourite (usually several) to individually buy a full glass and thoroughly enjoy. All this in good company and enhanced by the  wide range of foods to sample as well.

Its a great evening and it is proposed to offer it as a Catenian provincial event. I’m hoping in 2015 for province 19 and possibly all 6 London area provinces as well!! So, no, we are not just meeting over a meal, we are active, social and have a lot of fun and like to share this friendship with each other through the Association and with friends as well. Neither should this be considered a males-only event. Many ladies attend the Olympia event and we will invite any interested wives to join their husbands in this burgeoning annual pilgrimage(!)  Richard Pyatt, Balham and Croydon Circles

SnapTheSnapper.jpg PiePintPyatt NoelTash Group3 Group1

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