Provincial Weekend in Bristol: Balham Brothers were there!

View of sailing boat on Bristol quayside
Bristol quayside

The Province 19 weekend in Bristol in October seems a long time ago now, but it is worth recording that Balham was in attendance with Noel & Anne, Brian & Valery, David & Karen  and Terry & Lucille all enjoying a great weekend from Fiday 5th to Sunday 7th. We were enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to take a group photo, but some of us were caught by John Golden’s camera when the Dinner Dance was well under way! The weekend took the usual form with an informal reception and dinner on Friday night, followed by excursions (SS Great Britain and the Avon Gorge) during the day and a black tie dinner dance on Saturday evening. We attended Mass in  Our Lady on the Quays Church on Sunday, followed by a farewell lunch for some and returning home on Sunday afternoon.

Terry & lucille and Noel & Anne enjoying the disco
Terry & lucille and Noel & Anne enjoying the disco
View of tables on Bristol quayside
Evening on the Quayside

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