It’s the taking part that’s important. . .

Group of darts players
The Balham team standing by

Once again Balham Circle put forward an enthusiastic team for the Kingston Darts Evening on Monday December 1. Sadly, we were knocked out of both the Cup and Plate sections, though we did reach the semi-final of the Plate. Patrick was our highest achiever of the evening, winning a raffle prize! We had a ‘rotating’ team of four; Nader, Patrick, Steve and Terry did their best to uphold the darts reputation of the Balham Circle. However, the seriousness of some of our opponents defeated us. Watch this space, though. Balham will return! TGB

Patrick with bottle of wine
Patrick shows off his prize!
Nader throwing dart
Nader concentrates on his shot
Steve competing
Steve has delivered his dart
Patric throwing dart
Patrick aims carefully
group of darts players
Three quarters of the team

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