Balham Catenians ‘at home’ with the Magic Circle

Matt, Rachel, Valerie, Brian & Steve. David and Karen, not pictured here, also attended
Matt, Rachel, Valerie, Brian & Steve. Not pictured here, David & Karen also enjoyed the magical evening.

On the evening of January 13 a select group of Balham brothers, wives and friends enjoyed a mind-boggling evening of illusion and trickery at the Magic Circle.

A visit to the Magic Circle’s headquarters near to Euston Station included two sessions of magic. Small groups were first entertained by individual magicians in close-up encounters – we still don’t know how they do it! After a break, the Circle’s theatre saw longer acts from three of the best magicians in the business. Everyone had a great time, but their advice is to choose an inaccessible seat unless you’re keen on ‘volunteering’.

Scheduled as one of Terry’s “Join Me” visits, sadly for unavoidable reasons, he wasn’t able to “Join the brothers” on this occasion. Back to normal next time, he hopes. SP & TGB


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