Croydon & Balham celebrate together at Presidents Elect night


Noel, Terry, Richard, John & David
Noel, Terry, Richard, John & David

On Tuesday March 3, Balham & Croydon brothers celebrated Presidents Elect night at the RAC Country Club in Woodcote Park. Richard and Noel are of course joint Croydon and Balham brothers and Richard is Croydon’s President Elect. Richard has had good training at Balham, having stood in for various officer roles on many occasions. Terry has opted for a second consecutive year as Balham President and may very well have got the hang of it all by the end of his second term! Richard and Terry are pictured above with other Balham joint brothers, John (Epsom) and David (Purley).

The necessary essential full support will continue to be provided by Steve who will be doing his second stint as Vice President and David as a seasoned Immediate Past President.

After the circle meeting we were all treated to a sumptuous dinner in the presence of Grand President Elect Peter Woodford and Provincial President Elect Kevin Rourke and with Epsom  President Elect John Flood hosting a table of some fifteen Circle Presidents Elect in all. This was certainly Province 19 out in force and Balham were proportionately well represented by Noel, John, Terry, Steve, William and David all pictured below.  TGB

Noel, John, Terry, Steve, William & David
Noel, John, Terry, Steve, William & David


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