Balham Brothers at Kingston Darts Night

Patrick, John and Donald looking very serious

An enthusiastic Balham team competed at Kingston Circle Darts Night, held as usual at St. Ann’s Church Hall in Banstead, on Monday December 7. Our team played very well, but regrettably didn’t win any silverware.

The ‘friendly fire’ fatal blow from John Nestor!

Ironically they dropped out of the Shield when our own Brother John Nestor, playing for Epsom, scored the last double to win it for them and knock us out. This was after a bit of coaching from Noel Brownsell who later confided “I blame myself for giving him some tips on follow through with his his throw!” The Balham team comprised John Neligan, Patrick Neal and Donald Freeman aided (?) and abetted by Noel. Steve Palmer did his best to juggle with chalk and figures to make the scores look good!

John has a quick beer before returning to the fray!

By all accounts, the evening was very enjoyable and the beer and lovely food made up for not bringing away a trophy. Balham must train harder for next year’s contest!  NB/TGB

Patrick prepares to throw.

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