Charles Marriott hands out bursary cheques

2016-07-06 12.05.16

On July 6 Charles Marriott handed out these bursary cheques to some girls from La Retraite school. Left to right in the picture: Benjamina, Shantavia & Venuse.

These enterprising young ladies (there are actually 5 of them) found out about the Catenian bursary fund of their own initiative. With the help of their teacher they applied directly and were awarded £45 each; not a huge sum but they are on a tight budget and were very pleased to get it! Said Charles “They are off at the end of the month, helping the elderly make a pilgrimage to Lourdes, so it was a pleasure to give them their cheques.” The picture is taken in the chapel of La Retraite school, a school which achieves very good results for a high proportion of it’s girl pupils. CM

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