Balham Brothers celebrate Clergy Night 2019 in great style!

IMG_5694Balham Circle Clergy Night was held this year on April 29 and was attended by a record number of priests, due to a lot of hard work by our past president Charles Marriott. It was, of course, a ladies night and there was a glorious turn out of our ‘better-halves’. 

IMG_5687The clergy all seemed to enjoy the occasion and one was overheard saying to another “I told you this is a good one to come to”. They were all very relaxed, in large part because of the efforts made by Charles and Matt Benedict in entertaining the guests so they felt welcome and appreciated.

Our new president, Noel Brownsell, gave a short speech thanking the priests for what they do in their various parishes and lead toasts to the clergy and the ladies, whom he also thanked for their unstinting support. Finally there was a toast to Balham Circle.

IMG_5689IMG_5699IMG_5697IMG_5688IMG_5689IMG_5692IMG_5693IMG_5694IMG_5696IMG_5698The Windmill proved to be an excellent venue and we were accommodated in the atrium area of the main restaurant and felt quite self-contained. The food and service were superb, with a main course of roasted chicken followed by enormous portions of sticky toffee pudding!



2 thoughts on “Balham Brothers celebrate Clergy Night 2019 in great style!

  1. Thank you Terry. A good account with excellent pictures. If Father Shanju had pitched up I think it would have been a record.

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