Balham Circle triumphant at Weybridge Quiz Night!

Balham Circle fielded two high quality teams for the Roland Young annual quiz night on the evening of 19th March at the Burr Hill Golf Club.

Purley’s quiz wizard, Bill Higgins, looked confident, but as it turned out he had insufficient support from the other two members of his team. Balham A team was fizzing with confidence and mental assuredness as the questions were slowly and clearly delivered by the Weybridge MC.

There were one or two sections of the quiz where we lost our way a little and the impressive, if tarnished, cup looked perhaps unattainable for the year coming. We needn’t have worried as we had a new team member this year, Steve Palmer, whose brain darted into strange byways of information that other brains could not reach. Don Freeman, in a very gentlemanly manner, let the other two team members write down most of the answers although he could well have done so himself. In the end Balham regained the cup by one point!

Perhaps needless to say, the B team, comprising Terry Brown, Patrick Neal and Tristan Sullivan-Vaughan did not do so well, though they were by no means entirely discredited.

This year there was no repeat of the triumphalist comments made in the car park after the event as the Purley team had not won! The Balham brothers behaved in a decorous and gallant way towards the runners up who were all very close behind us. 


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