Balham annual visit to Olympia Beer-fest goes with a swing!

Catenians in the Olympia great space
Balham and Croydon Brothers enjoy a ‘jar’ with other friends!

On August 10 the Balham annual visit to the Great British Beer Festival staged by CAMRA at Olympia proved as enjoyable as ever and Balham Brothers where jointed by beer enthusiasts from Croydon and Osterley circles.

a group of brothers and friends at the beer festival
In the picture left to right: Mike Kenton from Osterley Circle, Steve, Donald, Tristan, Richard Mills (Croydon), Jamie Felstead, Richard Pyatt, Noel and Osterley President, Marius Twomey

The almost bewildering selection of beers were sampled enthusiastically by all and produced an appetite for Cornish pasties, chips and other normally forbidden delights! Along with beers from every part of Britain (and beyond) and that food, there were other stalls, games and interests including ‘balloon artists’ who when challenged by Richard Mills, produce a balloon version of the Catenian logo!


The Cornish pasty obviously has international appeal!


Noel and Terry can’t get away from their Facebook addictions!


The event gives even the beer novice the opportunity to sample different beers in one third, half or full pint servings, though by the end of the evening it’s pretty well impossible to remember all the different styles and tastes and certainly the names of the beers! Some might say it’s difficult to remember very much at all, save for that lingering warm feeling that comes from an evening spent in great company. TGB

One thought on “Balham annual visit to Olympia Beer-fest goes with a swing!

  1. Brilliant, Brother Terry, although I’d clearly sampled too many as I’d forgotten you were there. Indeed, until I saw the incriminating evidence I’d forgotten I was there! It was great fun; these visits get better every year.

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