Intrepid walkers join President Steve on Stage 4 of Canterbury pilgrimage

a group of pilgrims in the countryside
President Steve with fellow pilgrims John, Chris, Marianne, Charles and friend near Oxted station

The President’s Pilgrimage to Canterbury completed its fourth stage on 3 September when the pilgrims reached Oxted. Over forty miles have been completed with a further 70 to go.  

a group sitting down in a pub
The Happy Pilgrims break bread at the Harrow in Chaldon, with only five miles to the next pint!

Starting out from the Reigate Hill cafe and then walking to Mersthan, the pilgrims were delighted to find the weather was good. On a lovely walking day the rain held off until the very end when the group were already celebrating the finish of another stage with a well-earned pint.  SP

three people in the woods
Charles, Marianne and Chris stride through the dappled sunlight in search of Oxted

Stage 5 will be in late October, when the pilgrims hope to enter Kent.

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