January 28 sees the pilgrims off again!

A group of pilgrims all set to leave in the countryside
Starting out on another leg of the pilgrimage. Left to right: Simon, Tristan, John, Steve, Charles and Frances. Taking the photo: Noel

We have missed some of the Balham pilgrimage stages (have no fear we will return to them!), but we can report that, on Saturday January 28, Balham President, Steve Palmer, supported by six other pilgrims and two dogs, continued his steady progress along the Pilgrims route to Canterbury.  

A fallen hero!
Noel Brownsell measures his venerable length on the Pilgrims Way near Wrotham. An amused Tristan looks on.

The latest effort saw the team complete the ten miles from Wrotham to Cuxton, just short of the Medway crossing.  En route, they were all entertained by an acrobatic display provided by Brother Noel Brownsell, albeit he sadly misjudged a double-somersault with triple twist. Sadly, there was much mirth and little Christian charity on display as he measured his length on the North Downs Way.  He soon bounced back, however, to lead a deep discussion on transubstantiation in bar of the Bull Hotel where the group enjoyed a post-walk pint by the fire. SP

The pilgrims break for lunch on a leafy footpath
The intrepid pilgrims relaxing over lunch with two hungry dogs. Left to right Simon Wakely, Charles & Frances Marriott, President Steve, Tristan Sullivan-Vaughan, our new brother, and John Neligan

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