In the Clink!

a group o0f bBalham Catenians and wives outside Brixton prison
The happy band of Balham Brothers and their wives, having just emerged from HMP Brixton

On October 30 Balham Circle visited the Clink at HMP Brixton. All agreed that the lunch we had there provided a most enjoyable occasion and the food could only be described as superb.

The Clink restaurant is run to give offenders the opportunity to develop skills in catering & hospitality and seemed to be doing very well in this regard. In spite of being divested of all smart phones, Apple watches and other potentially risky personal items such as handbags, and the air of temperance (no alcohol is allowed) everything seemed to go with a swing. The event was ‘managed’ by Brother Charles after being suggested by Brother Patrick, who works at Brixton and so stayed behind to return to work when we departed (so isn’t in the picture).


A quote from a review on Yelp: “The Clink really creates a bizarre juxtaposition. If you overlook the fact there is no alcohol and you have plastic cutlery you could almost be forgiven for thinking you are eating in a Michelin starred restaurant, until you look through the barred windows at the high walls topped with tight coils of razor wire snaking out of view in every direction.”

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