The intrepid Balham pilgrims complete the penultimate phase of their pilgrimage

a group of pilgrims
The walkers just above Chilham enjoying the first view of Canterbury Cathedral, some nine miles off and bathed in sunshine.

The President’s Pilgrimage is nearly at Canterbury. In glorious weather, six Pilgrims and Lucy the dog walked the 11 miles from Charing to Chilham and are now just seven miles short of their objective.  

walkers crossing a field
The Balham Pilgrims near the goal as Simon steadfastly leads part of the group across a field in Kent

Yet again, they were blessed with perfect walking conditions augmented by beautiful views along the Stour valley.  All agreed that their first sight of the distant Canterbury Cathedral was an amazing experience.  They are now looking forward to one last stage to deliver them to their destination on 27 May, just over a year since they set out from Farnham.

Man carrying a dog over a stile
Don helps a lame dog over a stile while the rest look on and Steve reassures himself that they should – actually – be crossing that particular stile
A group shot in a pub garden
Lunchtime outside the Flying Horse in Boughton Lees provides an opportunity for a group photo. Ppictured left to right: Steve, John, Simon, Tracy, Don and Lucy. Not included, photographer, Noel.

Thus, the 27th of May will  see the Pilgrims finally reach Canterbury and the end of their project, which began on 30 April 2017. SP

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